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Most working people dream of this thing called financial freedom. It certainly sounds like something we'd all want. But have you ever stopped to really think about what it means? It can mean different things to different people, so before you spend time looking for it, maybe it's worthwhile to examine what the concept really means to you. After all, it's hard to find something if you don't know exactly what it is!

The other important factor in finding financial freedom for yourself is that of your current and future lifestyle. Some people prefer a very modest home, car, vacations, and possessions, and will always want to live that way. Starting from the same point, these people will be able to reach a level of financial freedom sooner than those who aspire to more elegant surroundings.

To reach financial freedom, you will have to decide on your own means of getting there. You may find you can reach that point on an income, most likely from your own business, from investment income, or from a combination. If you take the business income route, be sure to build something that will continue to provide income, even if you don't trade your time for it. Otherwise, you won't have reached that level as we've defined it here.

If you are like me, like to have personal financial freedom, but also like to spend money without having to worry you will benefit from this page!

When we are planning to achieve personal financial freedom there are a few simple strategies that need to be followed.
1 Make a full overview over your income and expenses
2 Make a budget of how to spend your income
3 Follow that budget and spend less then you earn
4 Stop all impulsive buying (Only make purchases you have planned)
5 Postpone major buying decisions
6 Save a set sum of money every time you receive a pay check
7 Pay off debts, pay off the most expensive first
8 Create additional income streams

There are numerous ways you can build your personal financial freedom but these are some basics that everyone will benefit from.

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