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The Ugly Truth Behind Credit Card Debt

Written by Dian Herdiana on 11:35 AM

Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of financial crisis in America and for most part of the world. Indeed, lots of focus by economic experts are geared towards analyzing the benefits or disadvantages posed by the use of credit cards. There are also several factors that are involved with credit card use that could impact the way an individual manages his or her finances.

Is Credit Card Important?

Several individuals are enticed to secure their own credit cards because they are lured by the many advertisement claims about how it can make your transactions a lot easier. While credit cards do offer a few benefits, it is outnumbered by the financial discrepancies caused by owning a credit card.

What many people do not realize is that using credit cards to pay for their transactions or bills actually result in them spending more. In fact, the same can be said even if you are religiously paying your bills on time. So you can just imagine what those credit card owners who aren't making punctual payments are going through financially!

Credit cards are beneficial in a few instances such as having convenience of extra finances for emergency situations, or safety during travel. However, the interest rates can be quite a burden on some families who earn only minimal income each month. Also, there is the possibility of misuse since it creates a false sense of financial security that often ends up in people having massive credit card debt.

Cash or Credit Card?

Budgeting is an essential aspect of handling your finances. This is often neglected when people have to rely on credit cards to make their purchases. Therefore, some people are on a toss-up between which is the better means of making financial transactions, either on cash or through credit card. Here's what would help you decide more effectively.

Imagine yourself paying on cash during purchase. There is an emotional attachment to that money, which you have worked hard on earning, that makes you unwilling to let go of it. However, the case is different with using credit cards for purchase. There is none of that emotional attachment and you can simply swipe away without remorse.

Using credit cards to make your purchase instead of paying on cash could end up in you spending about 12 to 18 percent more than the actual value for the item if you paid with actual cash. Imagine how much could have gone onto your savings!

Teenagers and Credit Cards

Credit card companies are targeting teens on their ad campaigns, however it is not a good prospect for parents, especially if you want to teach your kids on how to become responsible with their personal finances. This is more true based on the fact that teenagers have the tendency to be impulsive and with credit card in hand, it creates that false sense of financial security that they can afford anything they desire. Instead, make them work hard to achieve something they want, especially in the material aspects.

Financial Security

If you want to achieve more financial security, credit cards is not the way to go as it exposes you to risks of acquiring credit card debt. But if you are going to opt for one, make sure you have an effective and practical approach at spending. There are a few advantages offered by using credit cards but it does not make an effective replacement for cash whatsoever, unlike most credit card holders believe.

Ways to Save Money Without Feeling Poor

Written by Dian Herdiana on 7:36 AM

Yes. You are feeling the economic crunch. Times are hard and you are finding it hard to even make both ends meet with the rising costs of basic necessities and the fact that you lost one of the part-time jobs that you are holding. This is the common scenario that people, not only in the US, is feeling. They may not have lost their jobs but they have certainly found it hard to earn extra. Can you blame them then if they look for ways to cut costs and save money?

Although it looks like a pretty daunting task, it’s not impossible to do and once you get the hang of it and establish a routine, it’s not really so hard. In fact, as you become used to cutting down costs, you’ll even ask yourself why you just did it this year. Thank God for the recession right? I guess, if there is anything good that the recession has taught people all over the world is that no country is impervious and that you can save without really allowing yourself to be poor.

Here are some of the ways that you can save money without really making yourself feel or look poor.

1. Cut down on the luxuries
This does not mean that you will not treat yourself every now and then and just live in poverty. This can be depressing and at this point you need something to at least brighten up your month. This just means that you need to cut back on the frequency that you indulge in luxuries. For instance, if you are used to going outside to eat every weekend, cut that down into just twice a month. Restaurant food can be pretty expensive and besides they are not at all healthy anyway. Other things to give up on are movies and recreational trips. You can still go on trips but make sure that they will not involve a lot of fees.

2. Keep it simple
If you do not have the money to go out, you can still do so provided that you keep it simple. Go back to nature and have a family picnic in the park or maybe walk along the beachside. You can pack a lunch that you have cooked yourself at home. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to be able to enjoy the weekend with the family. You just need the imagination.

3. Recycle
Instead always buying things that you think you need, why not use your imagination and creativity by recycling things. Use them for other than their uses. For instance, if you need a message board where you will be posting the chores, why not use that old chalkboard instead of buying a new bulletin board. It may not be much but if you do it for other things that you want to buy, you have not only saved a lot of money, you would have also cleared that garage full of junk.

4. Rework
If you cannot use something for another thing, why not transformed it into something that you can actually use. This is actually applicable to clothes and accessories but with imagination, you can even do it with other things in the house. Who knows, it may not even be just one of the ways to save money, you can even turn it into a business that will earn you more.

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