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Rate tarts no longer welcomed by mortgage and credit card providers

Written by Dian Herdiana on 6:19 AM

Following on from recent moves in the credit card industry to reduce the number of people switching from one financial provider to another, mortgage lenders are now looking to follow suit.

Abbey is the latest High Street mortgage lender to notify its customers that they are increasing the costs associated with switching from their mortgage to £225, this fee is over and above any other penalties levied for leaving early, and represents an increase of 25%. Abbey is however only the most recent in a list of 53 mortgage providers announcing similar steps within the last year.

Michael Coogan, Director General of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, said, "All lenders are having to look at their fees much more closely now". The recent financial reviews were attributed to the slowing of the housing market whilst administration costs have continued to rise, however David Hollingworth of mortgage brokers L&C agreed with the BBC that lenders were imposing the charge to discourage people from moving.

The Financial Services Authority advises caution when looking at the possibility of changing lenders. “Switching can cut your monthly payments. But you’ll need to weigh up these monthly savings or other benefits against the up-front costs of making the switch.”

The growth in the number of consumers switching their financial providers has occurred due to the recent growth in the number of finance assessment tables in newspapers, and financial comparison websites such as Moneynet which have been launched to help consumers to get the best rates available.

The ease with which consumers can compare the various rates and offers that are available has meant that financial product providers have fought to attract new financially mobile members from other providers, through special offers and limited term deals. By making use of these deals the financially mobile ‘Rate Tarts’ have been able to wipe thousands of pounds off their mortgage repayments, and some have even turned profits by regularly switching credit cards.

The main strategy that has been adopted by the credit card companies such as Egg, Barclaycard, MBNA, Alliance & Leicester, Tesco and Mint, to prevent rate tarts, is the introduction of about a 2% transfer fee on all balances between cards. Card holders will then usually benefit from an introductory period of up to 9 months at a rate of 0% interest being charged over the deal period.

Although the moves are designed to stop the actions of rate tarts eating into lenders profits, many experts still say that while there are more obstacles, and the benefits of switching have been reduced compared to past levels, borrowers can still save money by judiciously changing between lenders.

Savings Director for Chase de Vere, Sue Hannums, believes that, "Even with these new charges, those with outstanding debts on their credit card should still look to move to a cheaper deal. If they can switch from one introductory offer to the next they should make substantial savings over the long term."

Financial Director Stuart Glendenning states that consumers are saving about £1 billion a year by taking advantage of interest-free periods; however he suspects that, “Most banks are now working on a way to discourage rate tarts. This will probably come in the form of more widespread and more expensive transfer fees, particularly for longer interest free offers."

Martin Lewis, of, advises: "You must be vigilant and be prepared to transfer again and again if you want to make the savings. After a six-month interest free period, you only have to pay interest charges at the standard rate for two months to lose all of the benefits. And even if you forget to move from that card just one day after the free period expires, you will pay an entire month's worth of interest for that simple mistake." For mortgage borrowers, the introduction of penalty fees does seem particularly harsh, as David Hollingworth of mortgage brokers L&C points out, "Most people's gripe here is not that there is a fee, but more about the increasing of that fee over the term of the mortgage, so when you are taking a deal out it can be one figure, when you come to actually switch, then you are looking at a very different figure."

But the lenders view it as more of an effort to recover fees directly from the customers who are causing them additional costs, rather than including these costs into their overall interest rates thereby making everyone pay.

It seems that the financial industries love affair with attracting customers from competitors has finally ended. Whilst there are still many lenders willing to provide offers to attract customers, there are also many lenders now looking to make rate tarts an endangered species.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Written by Dian Herdiana on 9:34 AM

Many people sign up for affiliate programs with the hopes of making some serious money. They advertise a few places and then wait for the money to start pouring in. When it doesn’t, they blame it on the program and quit.

I am convinced the only way to make money online is to have a consistent Advertising plan. A plan you are willing to work hard on and commit to for a selected period of time. When making this plan, you need to do two things. First, you should pick a few affiliate programs that are of interest to you. Second, you need to decide how long you want to work these programs. Once you decide on a time period (I recommend 6 months to a year), you must make a promise to yourself that you will not stop advertising until that time period is up. This is perhaps the most important factor in your success.

Next, you need to consider your advertising options: traffic exchanges, classified ads, e-mail campaigns, ezine articles, posting to forums or message boards, chatting with others who are interested in what you have to offer, and posting flyers around your town. Now you see the many possible advertising avenues you can choose from. I recommend doing all of them. It may sound like a lot of work, but when broken down into a plan, it is not.

One possible plan may look like this: Traffic Exchanges-1 hour per day. Post 15 classified ads per day. Make 5 posts to a message board or forum per day. Submit an article once per week to an ezine. Visit chat rooms and distribute flyers as you have extra time during the week. This all can be accomplished by spending 2-3 hours per day. You will be surprised how much you get done when you have a plan. You may also choose whether you will work 5 or 6 days per week. Make a checklist for each day of the week, and mark each task off as you finish it. That will keep you on focus, and will make you feel good that you are one step closer to reaching your goal.

Make a commitment to your new plan and don’t get involved in any other programs until your current programs are making you money consistently. Don’t give up. Sticking with this plan will significantly improve your success. Remember, Advertise, Advertise, Advertise.

Author Bio

Alicia Bodine, a work from home specialist, is a stay at home mom and website owner. She has compiled a work at home directory full of online business opportunities that are legitimate and profitable. To get more information about home based businesses visit Alicia also works part time teaching others how to get their own website setup free. Get your own internet business now. Everything you need to make money online is here http://www.homebusinessesthatprofit

Consolidate Your Debt With a Refinance Mortgage Loan

Written by Dian Herdiana on 12:07 AM

By refinancing your mortgage loan you can not only reduce your mortgage monthly payments but you can also get extra money for paying off other outstanding loans, credit card balances and bills. By refinancing you will get a single and lower monthly payment.

What are the benefits?

Refinancing your home loan has many benefits. For starters, you can get a lower interest rate and thus a lower monthly payment. If the market conditions have improved since you were granted your current home loan, chances are that you will be able to get a refinance home loan with a significantly lower interest rate and thus, you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars throughout the life of the loan.

If this is not your case or if your credit score does not allow you to get a competitive interest rate, you may still want to get your monthly payments reduced. To do so, you can request an extension on the refinance loan length so you’ll have more monthly payments due but considerably lower ones.

A refinance mortgage loan is basically a home loan that is requested with the sole purpose of paying off the outstanding mortgage loan in order to get more suitable terms to satisfy the borrower’s needs. However, it is possible to request a refinance mortgage loan with a loan amount higher than the remaining of the outstanding loan. With the extra money which is secured by the equity you’ve built on your home, you can do whatever you want.

This type of refinance loan is known as cash out refinance loan and has become increasingly popular since its appearance about twenty years ago. As stated above, there is no particular use for the extra money you can get with these loans but in this article we intend to suggest a use that can be extremely beneficial.

Consolidate your debt with a Cash Out Refinance Loan

Once you get approved for the refinance loan, your outstanding mortgage will be immediately paid off with the main portion of the refinance loan amount. If you use the remaining of the cash to cancel all the other debts or at least as much debt as possible, you will be consolidating all or almost all your debt into a single loan with lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

This procedure can save you thousands of dollars in interests. Think about the high interest rates charged by credit cards, unsecured personal loans, store cards, payday loans, etc. All this high interest rates, fees and costs will come to an end and you won’t have to worry any more about missing payments or paying late. You’ll only have to remember about a single loan payment.

As you can see, consolidating your debt with a refinance home loan will not only reduce your debt and monthly payments but it will also bring peace of mind to your life, it will bring to an end those sleepless nights and harassing calls from debt collectors. It is definitely a win-win situation, just make sure you get enough loan quotes from different lenders in order to select the best offer available and keep an eye on the small print.

How To Succeed In Online Financial Trading Using Freebies

Written by Dian Herdiana on 9:06 AM

Did you know that many of the tools and resources that we consider essential for online trading success are actually available for free - if you know where to look?

Online trading is taking the financial markets by storm as private investors are now able to quickly, easily and cheaply trade Forex, Commodities, Stocks and many other instruments. But what’s brought about this enormous increase in online trading?

Basically, the tools and information which were previously only available to the “big boys” – like stockbrokers, banks and institutional investors - are now available to you. These days, we don't have to rely on our broker for recommendations. With only a computer and internet connection, we can now find our own trades independently and without fear of bias.

People just like you and I can now trade with a level of sophistication that was unheard of, even in the 90’s! This has effectively ‘levelled the playing field’ and allowed home based traders to make highly informed investment decisions on their own.

Data feeds, software based trading systems, real-time quotes and interactive charts are all now available online at reasonable cost and yet, not so long ago, many of these resources cost thousands and thousands of Dollars. The point I’m making however, is that with a little investigation it’s now possible to find many of these invaluable tools absolutely free.

Andrew Fleming, author of “Free Online Trading Tools” has made it a personal quest to discover what’s available out there ‘just for the taking’ (legally, of course). He was amazed. Some sites he discovered will come of no surprise to you –Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg and Reuters etc. are the obvious ones and are all very comprehensive sources. But he also uncovered a wealth of sites that are a little more ‘off the beaten track’, but also incredibly useful to online traders.

As an example, Andrew found over 20 separate stock screening/charting programs that will crunch their way through years of data for you - then spit out identifiable trends and patterns that can be used to place profitable trades.

Many offer levels of functionality that you would normally only expect on $300-$400 software, like Fibonacci, Moving Averages, trend lines, Volume, etc. etc. You also tend to find with these ‘licence free’ programs that a community of users emerge who create their own profitable formulas and then make them accessible to others through forums and chat rooms.

Of course, without the knowledge to interpret the results from these programs, they’re practically worthless. But expensive trading seminars and courses are another area where many of us are often spending money that could be used for placing trades. Too often, newbies to the world of online trading are taken in by slick sales copy promising the ‘Holy Grail’ of trading systems - whereas in reality it simply doesn’t exist.

Any experienced trader will say that much of trading success is in finding or developing a simple set of rules and having the mental mettle to stick to them. But again, this is where the Internet comes to our rescue. Through his research, Andrew also uncovered a virtual ‘online university’ of trading information, offering many tried and tested methods from which to hone and adapt a personal system.

And even if the idea of finding your own trades is a little daunting, he also uncovered several free ‘stock pick’ sites and forums – at least a couple of which reported surprisingly good track records.

Whether you’re new to the world of online trading or not, before buying the next “must-have” trading guru’s system or software program, see what you can get for free first – then use the money to place a trade instead!

5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Attain Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading

Written by Dian Herdiana on 8:02 PM

With the amazing growth of the forex market, you are going to see an astounding amount of traders lose all their money. Unfortunately, they haven't followed the simple steps I have laid out for you. Go through these steps and give yourself the greatest opportunity to achieve your goals.

1. Have Faith In Yourself

To reach the level of elite forex trader, you must trust in yourself and your forex trading education. You must be willing to make all your trading decisions, instead of relying on someone else's thoughts or ability (or lack of). Of course, you will prepare yourself fully before every risking any money.

2. Accept Your Learning Curve

Unless you are a veteran trader, you will lose money trading the Forex market. This is a near certainty. I don't say this to talk you out of trading. In fact, quite the opposite. You will be trading against others that fall to this reality day in and day out. You, however, will not risk a dime until you have learned the skills you need to make money trading the forex.

3. Decide What Type of Trader You Are

There are many ways to trade the forex. They range from very active to very patient. You must decide which style suits you best. The best time to learn this about yourself is while you are trading a demo account. There is no need to allow your learning curve to cost you money.

4. Get Educated

Education is the shortest path to elite forex trading. Regardless of your ultimate goals, you will reach them quicker with a great forex trading education. Take some time to review different options before deciding on who to trust with your forex trading education needs. A forex seminar will help shorten your learning curve drastically.

5. Continue to Get Educated

In order to achieve and retain elite forex trading skills, you must constantly be adding to you knowledge base. Your education should never end. In fact, one of the key points to look for in an elite forex trading course is ongoing education. It's nice to have an ongoing relationship with the person/people helping you to achieve your goals.

What separates an elite forex trader from all others is their desire and ability to be independent. Many traders are willing to follow signals, systems, strategies, or anything else you may call them. By taking this approach, however, these traders are only as good as the people they follow.

An elite forex trader will lead. Their decisions will be calculated and analyzed to near perfection. They will make decisions with no hesitation, and handle the growth of their account in a predetermined, intelligent fashion. Take your trading to their level and you will never look back.

How To Start Your Home Based Business Right

Written by Dian Herdiana on 8:06 PM

Are you one of those people who think the Internet is the perfect avenue to get rich quick when starting a home-based business? Too many people believe the Internet is a place to get rich quick with no effort or work. If you have that mindset, you will be very disappointed with the results!

The good news is starting an online home business is worthwhile when done right from the start. Just imagine being your own boss for incentive, and watch while your brain will come up with lots of ideas to make it work. The lack of time will always be a factor in creating your business given the fact most of us have busy lives.

Imagine being able to sit down at your computer from the comfort of your home and find your home business already built in a box just waiting for you. There are business opportunities that provide the necessary tools for you to get started such as products, a domain name, website, support and training, etc. Also, by using content sites and article sites, you can easily obtain lots of content for your website and blogs.

Take a tour of sites like Infogoround, Surefire Wealth, and SiteSell. You will find ideas and solutions for any home business. None will be successful overnight. Success takes considerable effort and motivation and it all starts with you and a great idea.

When it comes to finding the right home-based business opportunity for you, do not overlook your greatest asset, which is the skill and knowledge you already have. Business online takes passion and the fact is you is you likely are already an expert in an area and don't even realize it! Read the book "Make Your Knowledge Sell" which can be found on any search engine. Get a copy of it and see just how much money your knowledge can make.

Many topics and themes great for home based business and affiliate sales have already been built. Take advantage of that by joining sites that sell content and ideas you can modify to suit your specific purpose. These days you can start a home based business in just minutes to hours, but above all make sure you do your research before just diving into an opportunity. Plus, make sure the company has an outstanding marketing plan for you to follow. Then use content sites, article sites, and proven marketing tactics to provide your customers with an enriched experience.

In all cases however, the lack of an action plan is the fastest way to a home business failure. Don't fall into the dream but no action trap! Take action today, get your research done, and find that perfect home-based business opportunity that is the perfect fit for you!

Monique Hawkins is the small business owner of the online music box store, "Monique's Music Box" located at She enjoys sharing information with business owners that will help them attain success. For additional exciting information about how Funded Sponsoring Franchise Systems are Revolutionizing the Home Based Business Industry, Whether You Have a Business or You're Looking for One, visit

Personal finance

Written by Dian Herdiana on 7:52 PM

Personal finance is the application of the principles of finance to the monetary decisions of an individual or family unit. It addresses the ways in which individuals or families obtain, budget, save and spend monetary resources over time, taking into account various financial risks and future life events. Components of personal finance might include checking and savings accounts, credit cards and consumer loans, investments in the stock market, retirement plans, social security benefits, and income tax management.

Personal financial planning

A key component of personal finance is financial planning, a dynamic process that requires regular monitoring and reevaluation. In general, it has five steps:

  1. Assessment: One's personal financial situation can be assessed by compiling simplified versions of financial balance sheets and income statements. A personal balance sheet lists the values of personal assets (e.g., car, house, clothes, stocks, bank account), along with personal liabilities (e.g., credit card debt, bank loan, mortgage). A personal cash flow statement lists personal income and expenses.
  2. Setting goals: Setting financial goals helps direct financial planning. Examples of financial goals are: "To retire at age 50 with a personal net worth of £800,000", or "To buy a house in 3 years paying a monthly mortgage servicing cost that is no more than 25% of my gross income". It is not uncommon to have several goals, some short term, and some long term.
  3. Creating a plan: The financial plan details how to accomplish your goals. It could include for example, reducing unnecessary expenses, increasing your employment income, or investing in the stock market.
  4. Execution: Execution of one's personal financial plan often requires discipline and perseverance, and many people obtain assistance from professionals such as accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, and lawyers.
  5. Monitoring and reassessment: As time passes, one's personal financial plan must be monitored for possible adjustments or reassessments.

It's Much More Fun To Quit Your Job And Use Your Brain To Survive!

Written by Dian Herdiana on 5:03 AM

It's Much More Fun To Quit Your Job And Use Your Brain To Survive!

Copyright © 2006 Peter Crown

If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves- Lane Kirkland

As you no doubt already know, working from home is the growing choice and dream of many. Suffice to say that working from home has been fuelled by the exponential growth of opportunities offered via the internet. This single phenomenon is changing the face of how we work forever! Internet marketing has been long in coming! It is the new rush for gold in the 21st century and it is available to those who recognise it and will cease the opportunity. It’s much more fun to quit your job and use your brain to survive!

1. Ground Zero!

Double jeopardy! As if hard work was not bad enough employment, I disliked the job I was doing! You can only imagine how tortuous the road was to work each time I had to undertake that journey! Hey, how long have you been in a JOB (Just Over Broke)? The painful reality is that when you’re working for someone else, you usually end up working for less and getting taxed more and you still face the possibility of getting the sack! Little wonder, the workers of the world are in chains!

2. Enter; Internet Marketing.

My entry into the internet marketing world was through a virus, sorry, a viral e-book. It was free, had a title promising the world but had a front page telling me ‘there was no guarantee of success, either written or implied’! Argh! For the gurus out there, viral e-books work as you can see from how I started out on my internet marketing career. This will be your first port of challenge in the internet marketing field. What challenge? The information overload! In business parlance, the internet marketing industry does not have entry barriers or exit barriers. The result of this is information overload and a good number are on sale!

3. Quit Your Job or be Sacked, all the same!

The whole idea here is to quit your job and use your brain to survive! It’s much more fun or is it? It’s worth paying attention to words like this, ‘entering into any business venture involves risks. If you are not comfortable with taking risks, then the business world is not for you! The internet marketing world should definitely not be considered as a no-work-required solution to making money. The road to internet marketing needs personal, consistent and focused navigation to starting and running your own online business. Here is an encouraging poser from an established and experienced internet marketing guru, ‘the scariest moment, for me, at least, in the whole process of starting to work from home was when you realise time has come to stop learning and start doing! He started doing and is reaping thousands off the internet today! It’s much more fun to quit your job and use your brain to survive!

4. You Are At Work Now!

Remember how at work, before you quit or were sacked, your bosses expected you to work with little supervision and come up with brilliant and innovative solutions? Well, as you sit in the house in front of your PC or you tuck into some information product, YOU ARE AT WORK with the difference that it’s for and by yourself. You must marshal all the power in that brain of yours as your productivity or otherwise is squarely in your hands now! What do you think disclaimer statements like this mean, ‘the author/publisher specifically disclaims any personal liability, loss, or risk incurred, as a consequence of acting on, undertaking or relaying any advice or information presented herein! It means simply that you are the boss. Get advice, buy advice but always do the balancing and make the final decisions based on what you reckon you can put up with. It’s much more fun to quit your job and use your brain to survive.

Peter Crown is a writer and info-preneur. He avidly believes that the age of the employer is indeed over. Find out more about how to beat employment through internet marketing, available at;


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Affiliate Marketing

is a popular method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber and/or customer provided through his efforts. It is a modern variation of the practice of paying finder's-fees for the introduction of new clients to a business. Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visit (Pay per click), registrant (Pay per lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (Pay per Sale), or any combination.

The most attractive aspect of affiliate marketing, from the merchant's viewpoint, is that with this pay for performance model, no payment is due to an affiliate until results are realized.

Some e-commerce sites run their own affiliate programs while other e-commerce vendors use third party services provided by intermediaries to track traffic or sales that are referred from affiliates. Some businesses owe much of their growth and success to this marketing technique, although research has shown in general the increase to be approximately 15-20% of online revenue.

Some advertisers offer multi-tier affiliate programs that distribute commission into a hierarchical referral network of sign-ups and sub-affiliates. In practical terms: publisher "A" signs up the affiliate program with an advertiser and gets rewarded for the agreed activity conducted by a referred visitor. If publisher "A" attracts other publishers ("B", "C", etc.) to sign up for the same affiliate program using her sign-up code all future activities by the joining publishers "B" and "C" will result in additional, lower commission for publisher "A".

Snowballing, this system rewards a chain of hierarchical publishers who may or may not know of each others' existence, yet generate income for the higher level signup. Most affiliate programs are simply one-tier.

Merchants who are considering adding an affiliate strategy to their online sales channel should research the different technological solutions available to them. Some types of affiliate management solutions include: standalone software, hosted services, shopping carts with affiliate features, and third party affiliate networks.

In its early days many internet users held negative opinions of affiliate marketing due to the tendency of affiliates to use spam to promote the programs in which they were enrolled. As affiliate marketing has matured many affiliate merchants have refined their terms and conditions to prohibit affiliates from spamming.

Currently there is much debate around the affiliate practice of Spamdexing and many affiliates have converted from sending email spam to creating large volumes of autogenerated webpages each devoted to different niche keywords as a way of SEOing their sites with the search engines. This is sometimes referred to as spamming the search engine results. Spam is the biggest threat to organic Search Engines whose goal is to provide quality search results for keywords or phrases entered by their users. Google's algorithm update dubbed "Big Daddy" in February 2006 which was the final stage of Google's major update dubbed "Jagger" which started mid-summer 2005 specifically targeted this kind of spam with great success and enabled Google to remove a large amount of mostly computer generated duplicate content from its index.

A Brief History of Affiliate Marketing

This is a citation from the book "Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants"[1] which describes how Affiliate Marketing on the Internet came into being. It was written in a casual form which does not diminish its factual accuracy.

As the story goes, affiliate marketing all started at a cocktail party. Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of (, was chatting with a party guest who wanted to sell books on her Web site.

This got Bezos thinking. Why not have the woman link her site to Amazon’s and receive a commission on the books that she sold? Soon after, Amazon introduced the Amazon Associates Program. It was a simple idea. Amazon Associates would place banner or text links on their site for individual books or link directly to the Amazon’s home page.

When visitors clicked from the associate’s site through to and purchased a book, the associate received a commission. With that thought, Bezos created’s affiliate program in July 1996.

But Amazon wasn’t the first company to initiate an affiliate program. According to Brad Waller, VP of Affiliate and BusinessDevelopment for EPage (, the affiliate program for EPage started in April 1996. As documented in “The CDNow Story: Rags to Riches on the Internet,” CDNow’s affiliate program predates Amazon’s by more than a year.

In November 1994, almost a full year before even launched its Web site, the venerable CDNow ( began its buyweb program. With its buyweb program, CDNow was the first to introduce the concept of an affiliate or associate program with its idea of click-through purchasing through independent, online storefronts.

It worked like this.

CDNow had the idea that music-oriented Web sites could review or list albums on their pages that their visitors might be interested in purchasing and offer a link that would take the visitor directly to CDNow to purchase them. The idea for this remote purchasing originally arose as a result of conversations with a music publisher called Geffen Records ( in the fall of 1994. The management at Geffen Records wanted to sell its artists’ CDs directly from its site but didn’t want to do it itself. Geffen Records asked CDNow if it could design a program where CDNow would do the fulfillment.

Geffen Records realized that CDNow could link directly from the artist on its Web site to Geffen’s Web site, bypassing the CDNow home page and going directly to an artist’s music page. By linking Geffen Records to CDNow, the affiliate marketing format was born.


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Top 5 Ways to Make Money OnlineBy Monice Dulcinea

Who in this world would not like to make some money? That is the question that a good many people ask and they are finding that it is easier than ever to make some money with their internet connection. This is no secret as there have been ways to make money online since the dawn of the internet age and more and more people are jumping on the band wagon.
Of course this does not mean that you should take in everything that comes down the pike. There are more than enough scams that are running where the only people that are making money are the ones running the scam. Before undertaking any kind of money making opportunity you should be sure to check it out thoroughly, because they may be nothing more than thieves in disguise.

One of the best ways to make money online is through one of the online auction places. There is a lot of money being made with this type of thing and it actually requires very little effort on the part of the person who is selling the items. You will of course need to determine a proper product to sell and then make the items appealing to others. There is a whole host of things that you can sell through these sites and that means that you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing.

Owning a web site that sells products is another way to make money online. You have a lot less in the way of fees as opposed to the online auction site but that also means that you have to do all the marketing yourself. This can be tricky as you need to drive the traffic to the site yourself, which is something that the online auction venues do for you. All in all you can make a good share of money if you plan ahead and make it work.

Affiliate programs are also making a strong showing to make money online. Instead of having to come up with products to sell yourself you undertake the task of selling another companies products for them. This is usually done on a commission basis and can really work for someone who is in the sales game full time. There are a good many companies that offer this type of thing and all you have to do is figure out which one is the best for you.

Information products are another good way to make money online. If you are an expert on something than someone else is most likely to pay you for that type of information. This can come in the form of books or just a basic online class. There is a lot of money being made in this area and if you have some skills you can cash in on it.
Web design is still one of the areas that one can make money online as well. There are a lot of people that want a web site set up and that means those who have the skills to do so can make some serious money.

Click here for more information about how to make money online, work at home and make money at home.

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