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It's Much More Fun To Quit Your Job And Use Your Brain To Survive!

Written by Dian Herdiana on 5:03 AM

It's Much More Fun To Quit Your Job And Use Your Brain To Survive!

Copyright © 2006 Peter Crown

If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves- Lane Kirkland

As you no doubt already know, working from home is the growing choice and dream of many. Suffice to say that working from home has been fuelled by the exponential growth of opportunities offered via the internet. This single phenomenon is changing the face of how we work forever! Internet marketing has been long in coming! It is the new rush for gold in the 21st century and it is available to those who recognise it and will cease the opportunity. It’s much more fun to quit your job and use your brain to survive!

1. Ground Zero!

Double jeopardy! As if hard work was not bad enough employment, I disliked the job I was doing! You can only imagine how tortuous the road was to work each time I had to undertake that journey! Hey, how long have you been in a JOB (Just Over Broke)? The painful reality is that when you’re working for someone else, you usually end up working for less and getting taxed more and you still face the possibility of getting the sack! Little wonder, the workers of the world are in chains!

2. Enter; Internet Marketing.

My entry into the internet marketing world was through a virus, sorry, a viral e-book. It was free, had a title promising the world but had a front page telling me ‘there was no guarantee of success, either written or implied’! Argh! For the gurus out there, viral e-books work as you can see from how I started out on my internet marketing career. This will be your first port of challenge in the internet marketing field. What challenge? The information overload! In business parlance, the internet marketing industry does not have entry barriers or exit barriers. The result of this is information overload and a good number are on sale!

3. Quit Your Job or be Sacked, all the same!

The whole idea here is to quit your job and use your brain to survive! It’s much more fun or is it? It’s worth paying attention to words like this, ‘entering into any business venture involves risks. If you are not comfortable with taking risks, then the business world is not for you! The internet marketing world should definitely not be considered as a no-work-required solution to making money. The road to internet marketing needs personal, consistent and focused navigation to starting and running your own online business. Here is an encouraging poser from an established and experienced internet marketing guru, ‘the scariest moment, for me, at least, in the whole process of starting to work from home was when you realise time has come to stop learning and start doing! He started doing and is reaping thousands off the internet today! It’s much more fun to quit your job and use your brain to survive!

4. You Are At Work Now!

Remember how at work, before you quit or were sacked, your bosses expected you to work with little supervision and come up with brilliant and innovative solutions? Well, as you sit in the house in front of your PC or you tuck into some information product, YOU ARE AT WORK with the difference that it’s for and by yourself. You must marshal all the power in that brain of yours as your productivity or otherwise is squarely in your hands now! What do you think disclaimer statements like this mean, ‘the author/publisher specifically disclaims any personal liability, loss, or risk incurred, as a consequence of acting on, undertaking or relaying any advice or information presented herein! It means simply that you are the boss. Get advice, buy advice but always do the balancing and make the final decisions based on what you reckon you can put up with. It’s much more fun to quit your job and use your brain to survive.

Peter Crown is a writer and info-preneur. He avidly believes that the age of the employer is indeed over. Find out more about how to beat employment through internet marketing, available at;

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