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It's Time To Score Your Year

Written by Dian Herdiana on 6:21 AM

By Doreen Carter

It's the season for giving thanks and a time of reflecting. The year is almost over. Take time now to look back? I know that there are accomplishments that you may not have given thanks for yet. So, I want to encourage you to do so now.

Give thanks for the fact that you are reading this message. Give thanks for the fact that you still have a chance to fulfill your dreams.

You may have been dreaming about what it would look like to own your own business. Or, you may be dreaming about what it would look like to be debt free and have financial abundance. Maybe you are dreaming about being healthy. Whatever you have been dreaming, I want to encourage you to put some action to your dream. Think about this, “You don’t have to get it right, just get it started.”

The secret to realizing your dream is to first see it, feel it, and then say it. Once you can do that, it’s clear. Now you must right it down. So, as you are preparing for the remainder of the year and you are getting in gear for the next year, stop and take some time to reflect and get CLEAR about what it is you really want and desire. This is how you get a three dimensional holographic vision. It is the push that moves you into action.

After you can do that, put the plan in motion. Start your financial plan with a credit review. Go to to obtain a copy of your report. You will then have to review your credit report. Then assess your income and your earning potential. Determine your desired income and think about how you can make that type of money. Get a mentor. Find someone who is doing what it is you want to do and study their lives. You can be, do, and have what ever you desire. Just believe. Take the time to dream. Then develop the plan. And, take action.

I am passionately in love with you living the life you dream about. We have a boot camp that we started this year at the Wealth ... Wisdom Resource Group to empower people to financial freedom. Consider joining us or join some group that will help you keep moving until you reach your destiny.

As always, share this message with your friends. Check us out if you are local. We are empowering people with the knowledge to free themselves. Visit and sign up for our free newsletter.

Doreen Carter is the creator of the Who Mooved My Money?® wealth building system and finalist for the Innovative Concept in Business award for DeKalb county 2006 who teaches money management as a catalyst for creating and maintaining wealth. Learn how to increase your cash flow, live your dream, and manage your wealth. Sign up for the free Improving Your Credit Score and Wealth Building newsletter, absolutely FREE at

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