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Simply living

Written by Dian Herdiana on 5:09 AM

Simply living is about living a happy, fulfilled life that has purpose and meaning. It is about having control over how and where you spend your money, and how you spend your time. When you establish goals for a satisfying life, you take control of the present and the future and you are going to quickly learn that ‘less is more’.

In a world where hyperconsumerism is rampant, you are able to bask in the glow of a newfound freedom from debt. But it is not just being debt-free that helps you create the life you desire. It involves more than money. You focus not only on your financial wealth, but you create a new life that encompasses:

1. Financial wealth
2. Mental wealth
3. Physical wealth
4.Spiritual wealth

Simply living gives you fulfillment and joy in living every day. It does not take money to be happy, but you may find that being happy leads to more meaningful jobs and work that are able to result in having more money. When you are happier with your work, your life, your family, and yourself, you are more productive and creative.

You identify new ways to build wealth in all areas of your life. The focus is no longer on the material possessions of the world or the social clout you have. It is about a life lived to its fullest – with purpose and meaning.

And all by living simply happy and debt-free!

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