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Decide Your Route to Financial Freedom

Written by Dian Herdiana on 6:47 AM

The decision as to what route to take to achieve financial freedom and exit the rat race depends totally on you. Nobody can take that decision for you. That decision is wrapped up in who you are, what your core talents and natural core competencies are, and your dreams.

Financial freedom is not about money. I cannot emphasize this enough. I see people complain about being told stories, and not "how to" make money. If you want to make money, getting a job is a good place to start, or try your luck at the lottery. If you want to achieve financial freedom, you have to decide which route to take. There is no one formula that fits all. The "how to" can only kick in after you have determined your route. Telling a writer how to become a guru in stock options is a waste of time and energy. Discover your lane, and stick with it.

Go With Your Flow
Let's assume you finally decide that real estate is your turf, the "how to" becomes easy. There are a lot of books on this subject. There are gurus in this field, online and offline, who can walk you through step by step, maybe for a fee. Some of them organize seminars, and answer your questions one on one. Some have mentoring programs, where you can enroll and work out the nitty-gritty and brass tacks. Based on the knowledge you have gathered through study and research on the field, you are better placed to know which guru to believe, what seminar to attend, and can easily sniff scams a mile away.

If you have not done your homework well, and expect to be spoon-fed with a turn-key solution, you are simply taking a swing in the dark, and can easily fall prey to scams, which are two a penny on the net.

Imagine you have no clue which route you want to take. You will attend any seminar that that looks appealing, you are simply jumping from pillar to post. If you do not make the decision yourself, circumstances around you will make it for you. That is why it is very important you get it crystal clear in your mind which route you want to take. It is when you have decided on the route, that you can develop a road map.

Back to You
Your most important asset in this journey is your mind. Using your mind is hard work. It does not come naturally. If it did, we would all think more and work less, and would all be rich by now. It is natural to act before thinking. I guess this is because acting is based on what you see, while thinking is based on what you cannot see.

You know yourself more than anybody else. You know what you really want to do. You have to make that decision, with money out of the picture.

It is after you have made that decision that you decide how to make it profitable. This way, you remain within the domain of your passion, and then make money while having fun. If money is the primary driver of your decision making process, you may miss out entirely on what you really want to be doing, and go running after money. Even if you end up making tons of money, you are working for money, and not having fun. You are still a slave, a highly paid one.

So before you start, decide which route to take, within the domain of your talent and natural core competency. After having decided stick with it, though thick and thin. It is a matter of time, the results will begin to show. You are ready to spread your wings and fly...

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