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Home Based Business Ideas- Fools Gold Or Financial Freedom?

Written by Dian Herdiana on 6:10 AM

Despite the hype, statistics show that the overwhelming majority of home based businesses fail, so the familiar phrase, “If I can do it, anyone can do it”, can’t be very accurate. Why the high failure rates? The single most important factor seems to be that people don’t fully understand what it takes to be successful: effective sales and marketing skills.

Before I started my home based business opportunity review site, I was an Inside Sales Executive for Carleton Sheets Real Estate. I made a nice living selling people real estate coaching packages over the phone. But in order to be successful, I literally had to pound the phone for 8 hours a day, face almost constant rejection, all in an effort to find that one guy out of a hundred that would become a sale. I don’t believe this a skill set many people have (perseverance, determination, and sales skills), and I believe similar skills are necessary to being your own boss. If you accept this theory, than the picture starts to come into focus on the high failure rates.

Another problem is that we live in an era of instant gratification. If people don't make $10,000 in their first month with a work at home business, many quit and go on to the next big thing. Of course, it's not entirely their fault, as they probably responded to a headline that read: "I Made $50,000 in 5 weeks- click here to do the same". With so much fools gold out there, it's difficult for even the savvy consumer to spot the fake from the real thing. So what’s the solution? Well there is no "magic bullet", but there are legitimate home based businesses out there that come close.

Having reviewed countless home based business ideas over that last few years, I've developed a pretty good eye for what's hype and what are truly legitimate home based businesses. I discovered one home based internet business that claims to have eliminated the high failure rates. It’s called the Prosperity Automated System (PAS). They claim that with their turn-key business system, you do no selling, no advertising, and no speaking with prospects; as the company does it all for you.

The Prosperity Automated System, was just selected to be featured on the Discovery Channel in a segment on “Innovative Home-Based Business Solutions” as part of the Models of Excellence series (this news event confirms my initial review on its legitimacy). This segment will air nationally on the Discovery Channel and regionally in conjunction with CNN Headline News.

The company provides free access to their private website, a video, and a free report simply by signing up for their FREE Info Package.

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