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The Scoop on Saving Money

Written by Dian Herdiana on 7:07 AM

It seems to be a universal language stressing the importance of saving money. Without a doubt it's one of the things in life easier said than done. As children when we stumbled across a quarter, or even better a dollar, we viewed it as a prize. We had plans for that good fortune. For most of us it was burning a hole in our pockets until we spent it. A quick trip to the store could provide immediate happiness to our taste buds. But other kids may have had bigger plans for their unexpected piece of luck. Some of us knew if we put the money away in safe keeping we could add to it in the future. That way we could think bigger and buy something more lasting. It could have been a bike or game we wanted to save for. Or for those of us who were thoughtful at young ages, a gift for a loved one.

These kind of traits, to save money, or spend it freely, would have been instilled in us by our guardians. Today parents can start applying the principles of saving money by helping their children open up bank accounts. The child learns quickly the value in setting money aside when they are able to spend it on something special. Allowances for kids are a beneficial way of helping expose them to a work ethic. Rewarding them for keeping a tidy bedroom, or putting their laundry in the hamper (age appropriate) are just examples. The child will not just feel they are getting a handout, but that they earned their allowance.
Once we begin a new job we are expected by our employer to fill out paperwork. Large companies these days setup automatic payroll deposits for their employees, unlike smaller business that hand a check out. Either method still brings about the same end result. The dollars earned are at the discretion of the worker to do with the money as they see fit. So many of us live pay check to pay check. It soon becomes a way of life. Maybe you are struggling to get out of debt, or saving towards an education. Both are worthy causes. We all need to start somewhere, just like the child that has his piggy bank hidden under the bed.

Setting a budget for the monthly flow of bills will quickly show you where your extra cash flow is, and where it's being spent. Clearly there are commitments that take precedence over other monthly requirements. When you review your monthly responsibilities you are offered a choice. There will be sacrifices that need to be made in order to start a savings plan. Things like packing your own lunch, quiting smoking, cutting the cable package, or discovering free activities could save you a bundle. Set aside the extra money you normally would spend on these items and put it away. Commit yourself to a monthly figure that is workable to put into a savings account. Soon you'll be well on your way to successfully saving money.

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