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Stop Negativities

Written by Dian Herdiana on 9:36 PM

Being financially independent is a good notion. But how about being financially wealthy? While this remains as a dream for those who are not determined or strong enough to pursue it, there are still some people who will move heaven and earth to achieve their dreams.

Many times we have seen people who are really determined to make their own fortunes. These people have a different perception in finances and know what they want and are going for it. But sheer determination is not enough, while some have succeeded by their willingness to explore new grounds and taking risks, there are those who simply are unable to succeed because they fell short. Why? Because a lot of people are pulling them down.

All of us have them, people who are constantly showering us with negativity. Those who are not ambitious and are just willing to accept what they have. They hate to see people succeed and are trying to pull us down with them. When we get excited over an investment opportunity or an idea we have, they shut it down saying that its no good, or it won’t work or just plainly that it cannot be possibly be done.

These “dead weights” that may be hampering our climb on the ladder of success are the people closest to us. The people we talk to when we need encouragement. Sometimes, these people are our family, our friends, co-employees, bosses and many others. Some of these people don’t want to see us succeed because they don’t want to be compelled to succeed themselves. They are already contented with what they have and they don’t want to be compared to you when you do eventually become a rich man and a rich dad to your children.

These “naysayers” or “prophets of doom” are one of the primary causes why many businessmen and entrepreneurs have failed. This is because they have cast some doubts into their heads and have had their confidence in their ideas and investments falter. Listening to them, and most of us do because we trust them, can hold us back and keep us from becoming rich.

We have to keep in mind one simple fact. Only five percent of the world’s total population has control of over ninety five percent of the world’s total wealth. Those five percent shrugged away all the hands that keeps pulling them down and fought their way to the top, now heading some of the biggest companies in the world. They have a positive outlook in their success and knows what they want and are determined to get what they want.

That is why we have to stop thinking about those people that are providing the negativities. Its not that you won’t ever seek opinion or advices again, it’s all about selecting wisely the criticisms, opinions and advices to follow. Admittedly, not one person possesses all the right answers to becoming truly rich. Especially with new investment opportunities coming out and different markets cropping up. This is a reason why we should never be afraid to take the plunge and make some mistakes.

What you need is to have the right attitude in pursuing your goals. Remember that tough times will pass and go, tough people last a lifetime.

Being successful and rich requires a person to have the proper work ethic. You must set first your goals and formulate a plan to achieve it. Then, be determined and work hard to achieve your goal, just make sure to make your goals realistic.

Remember though to be patient. Wealth and riches are not built overnight. Keep yourself focused on your goals and follow your plans. Be flexible to possible changes in your plans as obstacles may come. Even though you may face some problems and commit some mistakes along the way, do not give up. You can use those mistakes to your advantage.

Never be afraid to take the plunge today. There is no time better. Procrastinating would only delay your destiny of being a rich person. Its time to grit our teeth, meet the challenge head on and soon shower ourselves with the rewards of our courage, determination and persistence.

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